Apr 11, 2012

pretty in

This beautiful squeegee image from Em at Harvest

i never liked pink until about 2 years ago.


  1. Hi Jen...just popped in to your blog after seeing your write up at the Thousands - YAY for you! The locket necklaces are fab! I bet you are going gangbusters with them. WIll put one on my wish list...
    FYI - the pink screen printing image is a pic I took at Harvest a year or so ago! Coincidental to see it when browsing through your zone and then saw a call out above looking for the source! Tee hee...hope to see you in melbum soon.

  2. Em!!
    OMG of course it's your image, it's amazing!! I will make sure I credit you:)
    I'm in Melb for Markit May 27th... are you doing that one? I will try to pop in t Harvest on the Saturday anyway!!
    Nice to hear from you...thanks for the love! xx

  3. We are going slow with markets this year to avoid burnout so won't be doing Markit but would love to see you for a cuppa when you are in town. Let us know if you get some time and we can hook up.

    1. Yep, you guys always have so much going on!
      Will GoldenInk still be up for me to see?!?! please say yes. I'll be in touch and pop in friday 25th or the saturday!