May 28, 2012

the stylist and the carpenter

I was pretty lucky when I got to Melbourne that I had a carpenter and stylist on hand (no, that is not an Aesop fable).
That does not happen nearly enough. These skills are worth investing in far more than say, having a cleaner.

Tablecloths were sponsored by Bonnie and Neal. It was hard to give them back. So much so that I'll be putting in an order shortly. That there my friends, is a fluro screenprint of a watercolour painting...on a linen tablecloth!!! 

Copper piping elbows. genius. I must say, that was my best recent find at the hardware store.
 This lipstick signage did not happen on the day of Markit. sadly.
 Where would you put the custom made packaging? In a bubblegum pink Industria bowl, thank you very much.

Thanks to everyone that came and said hi, bought a locket, or just told me what they would put in one. Muchos thanks to the behind the scenes people, you know who you are.

A full Melbourne report will follow soon. Get ready.


  1. Totally love that Bonnie & Neil tablecloth!!

  2. if you can believe it Melissa, it's even better in person! BETTER!!!