Aug 14, 2012

Eat. Drink. In. Style

Not long ago, we all had lunch with Megan in her new studio space upstairs... Holly, Michael, Alex, Henry, Sasha and I. Actually, what we did was drink a lot of rose and eat spoonfuls of lemon delicious and pancakes. Made by Mike
Look at Megan would you! Wearing the most divine divine midnight blue Michael LoSordo dress.
And there's Holly and Michael talking to me about whether or not Holly should keep eating the tart tartine while they're taking her photo.

LEMON DELICIOUS. By the jar full.
 Mike...and his amazing recipes.

And then, if it wasn't enough to be invited to lunch, styled to perfection for Instyle is my locket. As a napkin holder... in which to leave a note for your guest. What if inside was a proposal!?!?! Can you IMAGINE???

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