Feb 6, 2013


Did I tell you I moved to France? Yep just over a month ago!

But It's still business as usual on the Little Leather Locket/Largeish Leather Locket front. 
That is being taken care of back home by someone SO great that I will introduce you to soon, but really, needs no introduction at all.

Are you now confused by the title of this post? Don't be, we went via Tokyo to get here... a whole 24 hours.
 Lady with the cute hands! CUTEST!
 This seemingly Zen photo was all about trying to capture how good her hair is wrapped up, but dang, you can barely see it.
 my kinda garland
Sake as an offering
 just drinking with the locals
 THIS is the "net" in the centre of the ping pong table.
Happy days Tokyo !
Next stop Paris x 

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