Feb 26, 2013


When LUCY says she wants to write about your stuff, you sit up and take a deep breath. 
Then you dance around your studio. Then you sit down and get shit done. 
Then, the day it's published, it really is THE BEST day. Thank you Lucy, your tick of approval makes my cheeks blush all on their own. 


Look at her! Her enthusiasm for everything is so infectious. 
I wish I could take you out for champagne all night Lucy! And you too, Lisa Marie(Lucy's Robin) But I can't right now cos I'm making mulled wine on a farm. Please come visit xx

1 comment:

  1. I just bought a little leather locket for my friend's birthday after reading about them on TDF - it arrived today and is just perfect. Thank you! Now I am thinking about a Largish one for me...